Residential complex "Central park", Kyiv

The apartment was purchased for subsequent rental. The customer has set a number of tasks: to make open plan decisions, the air conditioning system and lighting must comply with hotel standards. The interior, on the one hand, should be stylish and expressive, on the other hand, cozy and functional. Based on the preferences of the customer, it was decided to create a loft styled interior. The original space was a one-room apartment with a standard layout total area of ​​48sq.m and a ceiling height of 3 meters.

During the implementation of the project, a complete redevelopment was made, all internal partitions were dismantled and new ones were built, so every square meter of the apartment became functionally involved. As a result, the room consists of two zones: common and private. In the common area there is a kitchen-living room, almost the entire space of the apartment has been allocated for it, in the private - a small cozy bedroom. Zoning is provided by a metal glass transparent structure with a sliding door. This decision made it possible to provide the living room with additional light flux, and the bedroom to acquire another function - the lounge zone.

Door leaflets are placed in hidden boxes, from floor to ceiling, as a result, they do not create an additional accent in the interior, expanding the space and emphasizing the 3-meter high ceiling.


48 sq.m.

The main idea of ​​the approved interior solution is the contrast between industrial urbanism and homeliness. All interior details are designed in such a way as to emphasize this contrast while maintaining the integrity of perception. In the interior, rough metal products come in contact with wood and soft textiles. Concrete planes contrast with classic furniture, crystal chandeliers, and vintage switches. Authentic materials are preserved in the decoration of walls and ceilings: the natural texture of reinforced concrete and the texture of walls made of ceramic blocks. In the sleeping area, they are shaded by classic ceiling decor elements, crystal chandeliers, and a felt headboard. In the kitchen area, to please the aesthetics of the loft, there is a lot of metal. Part of the kitchen facades is made in such a way that through them the wall decoration is visible, the metal contrasts with the openwork pattern of the tile. As a result, the kitchen unit is perceived easily and organically woven into the living room space.


The costs of the project were tightly regulated, which encouraged to find the most effective pricing solutions. Most of the interior elements: a metal partition, a bookcase, bathroom furniture, a bed, a sofa, and a kitchen were developed by the authors of the project and are custom-made.