Residential complex "Jack House", Kyiv

The client of this project was a young family living in London and several times a year visiting hometown Kyiv. The main aim of the studio was to create an interior design for the visits of the owners, as well as for the rental business. Clients with their versatile worldview, a lifestyle full of trips and constant change of the locations and cultural combinations became the main source of inspiration for the project team.

The feeling of freedom and life-cycle was highlighted in the planning. Initially, the layout of space was represented as a rectangle with the windows on its narrow side so that the light did not enough enter the center of the apartment. In order to open the small space of the apartment at maximum, saving the possibility to divide the zones between the living room and the bedroom was placed the glass partition. This solution helps the daylight to go through to every corner of the apartment, widening the space and filling it with “air”.

A combination of the textures and patterns became the main idea in the creation of the interior solution so that while staying in the apartment you can visually make a trip around the world. Brazilian granite combining with Italian marble tiles REX, contrasting texture of the floor from Ukrainian ash-tree merges with the tropical wallpapers in the bedroom. All these features became the basis for the furniture set, which, according to the authors, combines sculptural and functionality.

Croatian brand Prostoria filled out the sitting zone of the living room, including sofa-bed and armchairs. In to underline the smoothness of the flow of the air and light ad create the real sensation of hygge in the living room was chosen Dutch ceiling lamp Avion by Fritz Hansen.
Laconic and functional writing-table Olly by Ukrainian designer Pavel Vetrov perfectly combines with the Italian sculptural chair Pulp by Kristalia.
The bathroom is very light and minimalistic, so the ceiling lamp Ola Fly by Karboxx added even more Italian sunlight and warmth.


62 sq.m.

Flos (Italy), Muuto (Denmark), Tom Dixon (England), Fritz Hansen (Denmark), Formagenda (Germany), Karboxx (Italy), Tooy (Italy), Belid (Swiss).

Pols Potten (the Netherlands), Kristalia (Italy), Stua (Spain), Prostoria (Croatia), ZEGEN, WOO (Ukraine), XL BOOM (Belgium).

Plumbing equipment:
Simas, Paffoni (Italy).

Electrical fittings:
Berker, Hager Group (Germany).


REX, Ceramica Vogue (Italy).
Tabletop, kitchen island:
Granite Saturnia (Brazil).

Pols Potten, Diesel x Seletti, Zara Home, Rinascente Milano.